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Dear Stephen Thompson,

Congratulations. After the failures of "The Blind Banker" and "The Curse of the Black Spot" I had no faith in you as a writer. None whatsoever. But you have redeemed yourself, and I will no longer have a seizure at the sight of your name.

Thank you.

Dear John Watson (& Martin Freeman),

Way to break my fucking heart. "Don't be dead." I'm going to not breathe for a while.

In other news, because of my new personal rules regarding legitimacy in obtaining my media, I will not be rewatching this episode until it debuts in the US in May (eek!) and this will possibly be more painful than watching it the first time.

Knowing that there will definitely be a third season makes me so glad that it didn't end with John discovering Sherlock is alive. I want him to fucking pine for that man, to have everyone in his life tell him he's crazy for hoping Sherlock is alive, and that belief is the only thing keeping him alive, and then when Sherlock finally does show up he's too far gone to believe that it's possibly true. Seriously, I don't need any case or narrative in 3.1. I'd be content with John Watson going crazy for a while. And then John will yell at Sherlock but will refuse to let him out of his sight. Can't you just see Sherlock rolling his eyes, trying to explain that it was for his own good, and John declaring that it's not his decision, and Sherlock tries to leave but John grabs his arm and won't let him go. And then he's finally exhausted and falls asleep on Sherlock on the couch, and Sherlock just moves him into a more comfortable position and then watches him sleep. And the next morning John finally lets him tell other people he's alive.

At the same time, I sort of want fic about John playing the grieving widow and then returning home at night to crawl into bed with Sherlock, complaining about all these secrets they're keeping, but at the same time feeling so satisfied that he has Sherlock to himself.

ETA: Why do I keep seeing people question how there can be another season? Sherlock will return, and he's got a reputation to save, plus some explanation of his years away. There's plenty to do.

tl;dr: This goddamn show.
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